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    England narrative 2023

    In 2023, the Gender Index suggests there were 714,000 active female-led companies in England. This represents a female-led share of all active companies of 17.4% overall, a slight increase from 16.9% in 2022.

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    Scotland narrative 2023

    For 2022/3, 19.4% of all incorporations in Scotland were female-led accounting for 4.2% of all UK female-led incorporations and just under 1% of all UK incorporations.

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    Wales narrative 2023

    The Gender Index shows that in Wales in 2023 there were 22,900 active female-led companies. This is a share of 16.7% of active companies in Wales, slightly below the rate of 17.2% (16.5%) across the rest of UK. Wales has improved from 16.5% in 2022.

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    Northern Ireland narrative 2023

    In 2023, The Gender Index suggests there were 67,388 companies in Northern Ireland, equivalent to 1.48% of all UK companies and representing an increase of 2,621 companies over the previous 12 months. As such, Northern Ireland was one of the few UK regions to experience a growth in the stock of companies over the year.

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    England narrative 2022

    The Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship (2019) and the continuing work of the Rose Review Board and the Investing in Women Council has focused the attention of policy makers across England on womens’ enterprise.

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    Scotland narrative 2022

    This section of the report will provide an analysis of Scottish businesses as indicated in The Gender Index dataset (2022). The Gender Index examined the leadership of 4.4 million businesses across the U.K., illustrating that as of January 2022, 16.8% of firms were stated to be female–led as compared to: male–led (60.3%), mixed (16.5%) and uncertain/undeterminable (6.4%). For Scotland, the average number of female–led businesses is 15.4%, which is slightly below the U.K. average.

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    Wales narrative 2022

    This report presents key findings for Wales from analysis of The Gender Index data on women business leadership in Wales. UK Office for National Statistics business demography statistics show that 99.4% of businesses in Wales in 2019 were SMEs (250 or fewer employees), with SMEs contributing 38% of private sector business turnover and 62% of employment in Wales. Improving inclusivity in entrepreneurship has been a policy priority for Wales for over two decades.

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    Northern Ireland narrative 2022

    The Gender Index provides the first comprehensive analysis of gender–leadership of companies across the UK. The period covered by this report includes the 12–months from February 2021 to January 2022. During this period, an active population of 4,411,842 UK companies was recorded, with 64,767 (1.46 %) of these in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland, like other parts of the UK is dominated by micro–companies (less than 10 employees) accounting for 57,237 or 88.3% of all companies, with only 7,530 (11.6%) with 10 or more employees.

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