The Gender Index reports

Our reports and national narratives are free to download, read and share. We hope they stimulate ideas, discussion and policy decisions to inspire positive change.

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    TGI 24 report

    Welcome to The Gender Index Report 2024. Produced through a unique combination of leading academic research, big data and cutting-edge technology, discover the latest trends in female entrepreneurship across the UK in 2023. Covering over 8.8 million officers from nearly five million active companies, the data has been segmented and analysed nationally; for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; and the English regions, for targeted decision-making.

    Our scope has widened to include access to investment capital and secured debt, plus import and export activity. This is in addition to analysis of ethnic minority-led companies, the generation of the leadership, sector, fast growth and more. In an election year, this data will be invaluable in shaping policy to address the gender imbalance in UK business – now and into the future.

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    TGI 23 report

    We invite you to explore the insights in our latest report which draws comparisons between the activity of female-led companies in 2021/2022 and 2022/2023. There are some unexpected results which you can view in full here.

    Our in-depth analysis covers 8m+ unique directors, 4.5m+ active companies and 1,276 Venture Capital and Private Equity investors and it highlights the ongoing challenges for female-led companies accessing all forms of external capital.

    This year we’ve also widened our focus to include ethnic minority female-led companies and the most represented (and under-represented) generations in entrepreneurship.

    Whether you’re a policy maker, in local or national government, corporate, researcher, investor, educator or female entrepreneur, our transparent findings can help you to drive change and support a more diverse economy.

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    TGI 22 report

    We are delighted to have launched The Gender Index and we invite you to share our ambition to create a more equal future by providing, for the first time, a clear and accurate picture of the UK company landscape analysed by gender.

    The Gender Index is groundbreaking and is the largest research study into female entrepreneurship ever undertaken.

    It accurately measures the number of female-led companies and their impact on the UK economy. AI-powered, it holds live data on more than 4m active UK companies, constantly refreshed and always up-to-date.

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