2022 Report

Positive change for women in enterprise, driven by data

We are delighted to have launched The Gender Index and we invite you to share our ambition to create a more equal future by providing, for the first time, a clear and accurate picture of the UK company landscape analysed by gender.

The Gender Index is groundbreaking and is the largest research study into female entrepreneurship ever undertaken.

It accurately measures the number of female-led companies and their impact on the UK economy. AI-powered, it holds live data on more than 4m active UK companies, constantly refreshed and always up-to-date.

It is the first time gender disaggregated information has been made freely accessible for the public, through our interactive website www.thegenderindex.co.uk and reported in this digest.

Currently 16.8% of all active UK companies are female-led. Female-led high-growth companies lag significantly behind their male counterparts and the percentage of those that successfully raise capital from investors is even lower.

In 2019, the Rose Review identified that an additional £250bn could be contributed to the UK economy simply by empowering more women to start and grow companies.

Our research shows that whilst this is now happening (female-led incorporations in 2021 reached 20%), more needs to be done to support female-led companies to make the jump from small to medium and large size.