5 ways entrepreneurs can upskill in 2023

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From becoming ESG aware to learning to code, set aside time to upskill this autumn

It’s September, which traditionally means ‘back to school’. And while it’s probably years since you were in a classroom, it’s still a great time to learn. Especially if you’re in the process of setting up your own business, or looking to grow your company. Here are five ways female founders can upskill for 2023, and beyond. 

Boost your social media game
From marketing to sales, social media plays a huge role in any business. But if you’ve only used Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for your own personal use, it’s time to upskill. There are lots of free resources online, including guides on each platform on how to set up a business account. You can also find out how to create images, Reels and more, and how to create a social media strategy.

Focus on sustainability
Have you got an ESG strategy (environmental, social and governance) for your startup? If not, now is the time to build your strategy into your business. Especially because angel investors and VC funds will often evaluate ESG factors when making their investment decisions. Having a strategy in place could increase your chances of getting funding.

Develop your networking skills
In business, it’s often about who you know. Broadening your connections is essential, but networking isn’t something that comes naturally to us all. Joining a networking group is a good way to practise your skills, develop new relationships and learn about new opportunities. Search for a networking group near you through websites like We Are The City.

Learn to code
There are loads of benefits of entrepreneurs learning to code. For starters, if you’ve got a very small business you might not be able to afford a web developer. Being able to code means you can manage and update your website or app on your own. It will also help you to know what is possible through programming (useful if you’re designing a new project) and helps you think creatively. Check out free coding courses here.

Perfect your pitching skills
Pitching is a huge part of every entrepreneur’s journey. And it’s also the most nerve-wracking. That’s why boosting your pitching skills is hugely important. The British Business Bank has lots of useful tips on how to pitch to an investor and check out these top tips from Stevie Spring on how to pitch and win.

Get expert coaching
A great way to upskill as a female founder is by getting advice from other successful entrepreneurs. Julia Elliott Brown offers business coaching through Enter the Arena or sign up for the Female Founders Growth programme which takes you through every part of running your own business.

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