2024 is a big year for female entrepreneurs - here’s what you need to know

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Looking to start, or grow, your business this year? Here’s some advice for female founders in 2024

There’s nothing like a new year to start afresh, or take on a new challenge… including finally launching the start-up you’ve been dreaming of. So what does the landscape look like in 2024 for female founders? 

Our Chairman Jill Pay says, “A new year is a new page with fresh opportunities. My advice is to go into 2024 with purpose and passion to follow your dreams!”

And with a general election coming, there is enormous scope for women in business. Jill adds, “This is a big opportunity for change. We want to see women at the forefront of all the manifestos, along with recognition of the value and potential of women-led companies to grow the economy.”

Here are our tips for the year ahead.

1. Focus on resilience

Running your own business can be incredibly rewarding. But it can also be tough: from the steep learning curve of writing a business plan to the actual day to day running of your startup. Rather than being knocked back, Jill says, “My advice would be to meet challenges with resilience and learn from them.” 

A great place to start is talking to other founders to learn from their experiences. Read more about finding a mentor here.

2. Get advice

You’ve got a great idea for a business. But where do you start with funding, contracts and marketing? “If you're inspired to start or grow a business, there’s lots of help out there to help guide you on your path to success”, says Jill.

She recommends the Invest in Women Hub, a free resource that helps entrepreneurs to identify funding sources, business support and local networks, whether you’re at the starting, growing or scaling stage.

3. Use data and AI for good

Doing your research is vital when you’re looking to launch a new business or expand your current business. Whether you want to find out the number of new startups in your area or the funding trends for female entrepreneurs, The Gender Index can help. 

A free resource driving positive change through data, you can search The Gender Index for companies in your area or sector. You can see the current landscape for female entrepreneurs, along with generational and ethnic-minority data. 

Explore The Gender Index for free here.

And there are great opportunities coming to improve productivity using AI - check out the Enterprise Nation AI for small business event on 28th February.

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