mnAi, a distinguished multi-award-winning data, insight, and analytics platform, leverages proprietary technology to deliver advanced research, analytics, and due diligence services for all UK companies. With an expansive dataset comprising 12 billion+ data points covering over 11 million UK companies, mnAi has earned the trust of clients relying on its capability to protect, strengthen and elevate their business operations. We believe that data technology can empower rapid change and are proud to work with leading organisations who share these values.

Why mnAi is supporting The Gender Index:

The inception of a national, real-time gender-disaggregated dataset by mnAi marks a paradigm shift, illustrating the profound impact of big data on enhancing socially responsible decision-making processes. By furnishing this real- time data baseline, mnAi is a significant contributor to policy development, empowering policymakers, corporates, and stakeholders dedicated to effecting positive change for women in enterprise. The promotion of a data-driven approach to decision-making ensures that these improvements can be widely disseminated, easily understood, and, in turn, generate greater strategic insight to continually enhance future engagement.

How mnAi can help businesses interested in promoting female entrepreneurship:

mnAi plays a pivotal role in empowering individual businesses to promote female entrepreneurship through its comprehensive dataset. Having mapped the ownership and officer profiles of all UK companies, mnAi allows these businesses to understand the diverse landscape within their entire portfolio aiding them in identifying opportunities to support and collaborate with female-led enterprises. mnAi’s encompassing array of financial and non-financial data points, coupled with its comprehensive gender data, transforms into a strategic cornerstone for businesses aiming to champion diversity and inclusivity. The data allows them to make informed decisions that not only benefit their own growth but also contribute to the advancement of female entrepreneurs in the wider business community. By leveraging mnAi’s insights, businesses can actively participate in and drive positive changes, creating an environment that encourages and supports female-led initiatives.

mnAi’s data and technnology empowers our clients in critical areas such as risk mitigation, business development and strategic planning to ensure they not only remain well-informed but also gain a competitive advantage in navigating the dynamic landscape of modern business.

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